Twitter Updates for 2008-07-16

  • So sorry for all the update delays my dear Tweeple. The old sony Viao laptop died and I refuse to put Twirl on my production machines. #
  • I’m talking to you now from my new triple boot MacBook Pro. Tap Tap, Houston are you reading? Rock and Roll my hot little friend. So cool!!! #
  • Do you have hints about on Italy? I’m waffling between Genoa and Venice. I don’t know where to spend my free days between Milan and Bellagio #
  • What is the party situation at the New Media Expo? Is anybody going to the Coverville 500? I’m hoping to combine a bunch of things that Thu #
  • Fri night @ the NME is looking wide open! I need to go to LibSyn party, for no better reason than it always rawks! Naked body painting FTW!! #