A tool belt full of search engines

As a child, my father would firmly chide if I would bring him the wrong tool. “The right tool for the right job” he would say. Eventually, I learned my crescents and my box ends from my pipe wrenches and my dykes. Now days, my tool belt is more virtual, and the laundry list of choices I have for any given task grows day by day. Photoshop or Gimp, Dreamweaver or NoteTab… I like to think that I’m doing my dad proud and making the right choices. The one area I could stand some improvement is search engines. I optimize for them, charge clients to document them, pull logs to find out how others use them. But more often than not, when faced with a search dilemma, I Google it. Firefox is partly to blame, the prefetching and handy search box are all too seductive. But I hope with this list that will change. I’m sorry Dad, it won’t happen again.