We’ve all been there, you spend a certain amount of time working on a specific project or for a specific company and you fall victim to company speak. Your mind becomes so saturated with the marketing jargon that you begin to forget that other people, people outside the company, have a difficult time understanding what you are talking about. When this gets applied to search engine optimization the results can be disastrous. We here at GRI have been brought in on projects where the targeted keywords for a website were definitely not the ones used by their customers. In fact, the majority of the keyword traffic where actually employees making sure they were winning the keyword war… with themselves. It’s good to have a tool to shed a little light on the subject and allow the folks who don’t speak your language to find you. NicheBot does just that. Using a combination of WordTraker Keyword, Overture Keywords, and Google Ranking, NicheBot helps you discover the words that people are using to find you and your competition. Allowing you to more effectively SEO your site.